From the first workshop to a company rooted in the territory,
dedicated to the world of plastic molds.

Ours is a family history that began more than 30 years ago.

The founder’s passion is passed down and transformed into daily commitment to finding creative solutions.

We still work as a family, designing and building the molds that will be our customers’ next successes.

We are the strategic partner for companies investing in complex projects where we can express the best of our know-how.

Our molds are customized, made-to-order, and cover a wide variety of industrial sectors.

The main ones include: home appliances, automotive, packaging, industrial, medical, pets, sports, as well as important experience in other industries.


Each project is a four-handed work together with the client.

Core Business

Design and manufacture of thermoplastic molds

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Passion moves everything; it gives birth to ideas,
inspires people to do their best, in life and at work.

Mario Rigon