Thanks to our experience in the construction of moulds for thermoplastics, including bi- and tri-material moulds, we enthusiastically accepted the request of our customers, manufacturers of liquid silicone (LSR) items, and thus decided to enhance our specific expertise in the manufacture of moulds suitable for this material.

Silicone is a high-performance material: it has high weather resistance, optimal electrical properties, excellent resistance to high and low temperatures.

In fact, thanks to its special chemical composition, LSR silicone can guarantee excellent mechanical performances, durability and retention of the elastic properties of the component.

Because of these and other qualities, LSR silicone is widely used in the industrial field (in technical components where there are repeated compression cycles or continuous stresses), as well as medical (for disposable and sterilizable medical devices made of medical silicone, thus suitable for health-care use), food (cooking molds, ladles, bowls and various accessories) and many other fields that provide components and accessories that are durable, crushproof, waterproof, pigmentable.

Our next challenge:

Making a thermoplastic bimaterial mold – LSR!