We specialize in making moulds for thermoplastics with complex geometries, multiple footprints, automatic unscrewing systems, inclined movement, bi-material, and over-molding.

The dimensions of our moulds are small-medium: they range from “baby moulds,” up to approximate maximum sizes of 800×800 mm.

We have been proud to be an Industry 4.0 since 2018.

We carry out customized projects for different industries

Home appliances







Each project has several phases of work

Ideas, visions, all available data, but also doubts and predictions of critical issues are shared. In order to define a first draft of the mold, it is necessary to put all the previous experience to use, try to predict and solve upstream the possible problems that might occur, in order to achieve higher functionality.

How can we improve?

Still in the virtual realm, the design takes shape in 3D to simulate production processes in detail. This phase allows us to go back over what we have already planned and rethink individual details to make sure that we have created an efficient piece of equipment, making the best use of our capacity for innovation and the solutions we have available.

What is missing?

(quoting Fabio P.)

The mold-making phase requires machines and workers on the shop floor to specialize in two areas: the mold carrier and figure parts (or mold parts).

The die holder is increasingly customized to the press intended for production; in the figure parts, the different technologies of milling, grinding, and EDM come together to create increasingly complex artifacts. A real conundrum for our cammysts and operators!

Will we have forgotten anything?

At the assembly stage, all the elements in the design, specially produced parts and standard parts are combined. After assembly, the static test, or bench closure, is performed. Tolerances thought of in the design, and verified on the measuring machine, find real feedback here.

Are we satisfied?

The mold is finally put to the test, in a verification that allows both the part produced and the validity of the initial design to be evaluated.
The unexpected has already been minimized in the design and simulation phase, and control methods ensure success from the first test, but the excitement of live execution remains.

By participating in the FOR MOULDS network now Rigon srl is also able to perform in-house testing as an alternative to customer presses.

Have we responded to the customer’s real request?

Periodic maintenance interventions are essential during the period of use of a mold.

Some customers, in the face of extreme thoroughness in viewing the mold at its acceptance, throughout the production phase instead neglect to perform overhaul and maintenance, at least until problems arise.

We invite customers to seek our qualified assistance, for routine and extraordinary maintenance, as well as in case of subsequent changes.

Have you done a coupon?

Technology, human capital, innovation-these are the elements on which our enterprise is based. State-of-the-art machine tools work in the workshop, giving maximum efficiency and ensuring precision in measurements, according to the highest standards.

But even the best performing machines need good “drivers.” It is our technical specialists who add value to the results we get, who make the difference in terms of accuracy and overall quality of results.